Sunday, May 25, 2008

An update...

I wouldn't call myself a blog slacker anymore, it is more along the lines of blog avoider. I don't really know why, but everytime I think of blogging lately, I end up thinking of a million other things I should do first. I finally overcame and am here blogging the events of our past couple weeks. We hope you enjoy!

This picture is perfect for sharing a little story...For those of you who don't know, Joel is now on evening shift and works Sunday thru Thursday, 2pm-10pm. Except for the short weekend, it is a very nice schedule. Noah and I enjoy our evenings at home, so without any prompting at all, Noah told me something that will make all you other parents out there jealous! He said that when he was big like Daddy, he would take Daddy's flashlight and go to work and Daddy could stay home with Mommy! I said what a great idea that was and he confirmed that indeed Daddy would stay home and we could play with his toys(specifically build marble towers and train tracks). He is just the sweetest thing, but before you get too jealous, I included these pictures to show you just how long we will be waiting for this to happen! Yes, he has a way to go, but for now we will keep fostering this idea in his mind! ;-)

My handsome boys!!

A family picture!
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The Schramm's said...

This picture is a perfect "like father, like son" picture...they both have the same expression! The expression that says "I hate pictures!" :)