Wednesday, May 14, 2008

If you think girls are more fun to dress...

...then you haven't met Noah!! This kid is so much fun! He loves to wear ties each and every Sunday. Well, not being the white shirt and tie kinda girl, I have learned a little creativity and boldness with his outfits. Here we have a blue and green plaid shirt with a blue tie that has sailboats all over. Noah paired the neon green beach sandals to add a little extra spice(actually, we settled on these, he wanted to wear frog boots!) Well, I have so much fun dressing up my little man that I just can't wait to have my second little man(yes, for those of you who did not figure it out, the blue ribbon in the last post meant it's a BOY!). We will have so much fun coordinating outfits and I am sure that he will wear plenty of ties his 1st year, because Noah even likes George(the curious one)to wear a tie to church, imagine when he has a brother to put a tie on!!!
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Ben & Michele said...

What a handsome little guy! Can you save him for Claire (or Anna)!!!