Sunday, May 25, 2008

An update...

I wouldn't call myself a blog slacker anymore, it is more along the lines of blog avoider. I don't really know why, but everytime I think of blogging lately, I end up thinking of a million other things I should do first. I finally overcame and am here blogging the events of our past couple weeks. We hope you enjoy!

This picture is perfect for sharing a little story...For those of you who don't know, Joel is now on evening shift and works Sunday thru Thursday, 2pm-10pm. Except for the short weekend, it is a very nice schedule. Noah and I enjoy our evenings at home, so without any prompting at all, Noah told me something that will make all you other parents out there jealous! He said that when he was big like Daddy, he would take Daddy's flashlight and go to work and Daddy could stay home with Mommy! I said what a great idea that was and he confirmed that indeed Daddy would stay home and we could play with his toys(specifically build marble towers and train tracks). He is just the sweetest thing, but before you get too jealous, I included these pictures to show you just how long we will be waiting for this to happen! Yes, he has a way to go, but for now we will keep fostering this idea in his mind! ;-)

My handsome boys!!

A family picture!
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A Wedding!

This Saturday we went to a wedding and it was the most beautiful day for an outdoor wedding. We pray that Lane and Kara will have a wonderful marriage and be blessed beyond expectation!

The bride and groom dancing.

Just a random shot of some couples from church.

A little Father/Daughter dance~

They had pie(mmm!) instead of the traditional cake. Lane played a little dirty with a large portion of whipped cream on the bite he was attempting to feed Kara. She was a good sport though and just grabbed a nibble before he could smear it(he was nice!)
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At the reception

Claire, the adorable flowergirl!

Pure Boy, Pure Princess

Playing on the arch

This is such a perfect shot of the little boy chasing the princess!
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Timmy and Luke, our friends from church came over to play for a little bit on Thursday while their parents went on a date.

Noah and Timmy were excited to play outside on this beautiful day. They are both giving me big cheesy grins!

Not so thrilled to have pictures taken!
(Notice that my wonderful husband put the stain and polyurethane on my porch swing!)

Baby Luke tried out the new swing that I bought on Craigslist for the baby. At first he was a little unsure and kept giving me this look!

But he ended up liking it and I got some smiles before he fell asleep in it and slept a good little while!
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First Zoo Trip

We took our first trip(for this year) to the zoo last week! It was so much fun! We actually went with the same friends that we went with to our last zoo trip in November! We went with my friend, Julie, from work and her two girls, Elise and Allie. It was supposed to rain that day, but God was good and the weather was perfect!

All 3 kids looking at a monkey, I think!

Elise and Noah bonded fairly quick as Elise is only 5 months older than Noah. They held hands much of the time and rode in a single stroller together some more of the time!

Allie eating lunch! I thought her rudolph nose was too adorable not to photograph!

Nap time!
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Some animals we saw

I really thought that I took more pictures than this, but apparently was too busy talking(imagine that!)

The flamingo babies from last year were huge and just beginning to turn pink. There will hopefully be 3 new flamingo babies soon as we saw 3 on nests!

The big tortoise was right up front and though you can't see it in this picture, he had a big clump of grass on his head! He look so goofy!

Penguins are always one of my favorites, but not very many were out this day.
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Overcoming fears

Noah has had a fear of the vacuum for a very long time. He hasn't freaked out about it for a while, but he does like to make sure he is on the couch or in the bath or in his bed where the vacuum is sure not to suck him right up!! Well, a few weeks ago, Noah and I shredded a whole lot of old files and made quite a mess emptying the shreddings. He decided that he wanted to try vacuuming them up, so here he is being a big boy!

That isn't a light vacuum, he was working hard!

He even used the attachment!!
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Poor Widget!

Our friends, Tim & Shannon, recently bought a new house and they have a very nice big yard. Noah loves to go over there and just run around and play in their "woods". He also loves their cat, Widget. For now she is smaller than Ducky and because she is still a kitten, she lets him hold her(most of the time.) I feel bad for her sometimes, but I figure she can run faster than him and climb trees so if she really was miserable....

"I love you, Widget!"
(Not sure the feeling is mutual!)

"How much longer do I have to endure!?!?!"
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

If you think girls are more fun to dress...

...then you haven't met Noah!! This kid is so much fun! He loves to wear ties each and every Sunday. Well, not being the white shirt and tie kinda girl, I have learned a little creativity and boldness with his outfits. Here we have a blue and green plaid shirt with a blue tie that has sailboats all over. Noah paired the neon green beach sandals to add a little extra spice(actually, we settled on these, he wanted to wear frog boots!) Well, I have so much fun dressing up my little man that I just can't wait to have my second little man(yes, for those of you who did not figure it out, the blue ribbon in the last post meant it's a BOY!). We will have so much fun coordinating outfits and I am sure that he will wear plenty of ties his 1st year, because Noah even likes George(the curious one)to wear a tie to church, imagine when he has a brother to put a tie on!!!
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Sunday, May 11, 2008

1st Belly Pic

Per request, I am posting this belly picture. A little bigger this time around...but I have been told that is normal!
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Friday, May 09, 2008

The Cats Away...!!!

While Cynetta went to visit friends in SC. I did some shopping on Craigslist and this is what I found. While the cats away the mouse will spend. I couln't pass up the deal it was about 75% off of what a mechanic at work paid a few months earlier. So any way I have a 40 inch kennedy i have to sell to get out of the dog house.
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Saturday, May 03, 2008

How Beautiful

Tonight as I was prepping Noah for church tomorrow, we were singing the songs that we will be singing tomorrow at church. I thought it might help if he hears them once before we go. One of our praise songs for tomorrow is a favorite of mine and I couldn't help but post the words...they are words that should be meditated on often.
How beautiful the hands that served
The wine and the bread and the sons of the earth
How beautiful the feet that walked
The long dusty roads and the hill to the cross
How beautiful, how beautiful, how beautiful is the body of Christ

How beautiful the heart that bled
That took all my sin and bore it instead
How beautiful the tender eyes
That choose to forgive and never despise
How beautiful, how beautiful, how beautiful is the body of Christ

And as He lay down His life
We offer this sacrifice
That we will live just as He died
Willing to pay the price
Willing to pay the price

How beautiful the radiant bride
Who waits for her Groom with His light in her eyes
How beautiful when humble hearts give
The fruit of pure lives so that others may live
How beautiful, how beautiful, how beautiful is the body of Christ

How beautiful the feet that bring
The sound of good news and the love of the King
How beautiful the hands that serve
The wine and the bread and the sons of the earth
How beautiful, how beautiful, how beautiful is the body of Christ

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Funny Phrases

So just a few funnies I have been wanting to share that Noah has said/done.

This one is from a couple weeks ago...he was brushing his teeth before bed and when he finished, he looked up at me and said, "I want you to beat me!" Okay, now even I was a bit taken aback here as I truly have NEVER beat my child!!! Stunned, I processed and said the profound words, "What did you say?" Again, a little agitated this time, he says, "I want you to beat me!" This time I got it as his right foot was set to racing position and the words poured back to me...each night is an endless discussion that the sun goes down and we have to sleep so that the sun can come back tomorrow, blah blah blah. In other words, Noah does NOT like to go to bed. So to make even this fun, I race him from the bathroom to his bed and what do I always say to get him to run to his bed..."I'm gonna beat you!" Ahhh, it all makes sense now! So off we raced to bed!

Noah has been talking to the baby lately since he notices that my belly is truly getting larger. Well, he isn't fond of the idea that the baby doesn't talk back so I usually have to "make the baby talk, Mommy". Well tonight was particularly interesting conversation.

Noah: Hi BABY!
Baby: Hi there, big brother!(the baby is quite skilled in linguistics!)
Noah: I think you're a boy.
Baby: But what if I am a sister?
Noah: Then I will say hi to my sister.

Noah was supposed to be napping the other day and I heard coming from his room..."I got a belly ache cause I ate the bunny..." He has been listening to CD's a lot lately!

He gives us such great laughs! 3 is great! Look forward to it!