Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Girls!

A couple weekends ago, I was able to go to Greenville, SC which is where 3 of my best friends from college live. Noah was very excited to go down there and see his "aunts". We talked about it for a while before, so by the time we went he knew that there were 2 aunt Heathers and he told everyone that he could on the whole trip. These pictures are from our girls night out. We went to a nice restaurant in Downtown Greenville (which is not like most downtowns), then we walked to get ice cream at Marble Slab. We had a blast just being our crazy selves! It felt like we were back in college, oh except, we didn't have any studies to do and we didn't have to wear hosiery! ;)

Katie and Heather W., the models

Heather S, the traffic stopper!
(her hubby watched Noah for me, he was a little nervous since they don't have any kids of their own yet, but Noah and Matthew both survived)

Look at all those sexy feet and awesome shoes!!!
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