Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A true 3 year old boy...

Yes, he really only has a t shirt, underwear and frog boots on...outside!

Must you take a picture of EVERYTHING!
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My Girls!

A couple weekends ago, I was able to go to Greenville, SC which is where 3 of my best friends from college live. Noah was very excited to go down there and see his "aunts". We talked about it for a while before, so by the time we went he knew that there were 2 aunt Heathers and he told everyone that he could on the whole trip. These pictures are from our girls night out. We went to a nice restaurant in Downtown Greenville (which is not like most downtowns), then we walked to get ice cream at Marble Slab. We had a blast just being our crazy selves! It felt like we were back in college, oh except, we didn't have any studies to do and we didn't have to wear hosiery! ;)

Katie and Heather W., the models

Heather S, the traffic stopper!
(her hubby watched Noah for me, he was a little nervous since they don't have any kids of their own yet, but Noah and Matthew both survived)

Look at all those sexy feet and awesome shoes!!!
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Noah's new found friends

In Greenville, Noah was able to play with a couple of friends that he may not remember, but he has played with before!

Lake, is Katie's little boy. Isn't he adorable! They shared the stroller quite well and were giggling so hard the whole time. Though I don't think umbrella strollers are rated for this much weight!

Jude is Heather W.'s nephew and he came over one evening while we were there.

They are only one month apart and had fun together, but didn't want any pictures taken!
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Summer cuts

Daddy went out of town for one day a couple weeks ago and you know what they say, when the cat's away...well, we just got our summer haircuts that day. Daddy wanted Noah's hair cut short again and I am so glad that we did because it is so much cuter and will be so much cooler if our warm weather ever decides to come to stay. What Daddy didn't know is that Mommy got a few more inches off her hair too!! He still wouldn't know if I hadn't told him!!!

I love this picture because every time we take a picture of Boston, he puts on his guilty face, but he just couldn't figure out what we were doing here so he jumped right in and yes, you are right if you guessed that we got some doggy kisses after the picture took!!

C'mon, Mom, do we have to document everything!

Doesn't he look so big here!
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Little Helper

He loved helping mop the floor and always wants to help now!
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Friday, April 11, 2008

ABC Bible Verses

Turn up the volume and enjoy perhaps one of the greatest memories I will ever have!!

Friday, April 04, 2008

3 months to 3 years

3 months-full of smiles

6 months-on the go

9 months-chubtart

1 year-Happy Birthday!

18 months-what a big boy!

Terrible Twos

3 years!! Where has my baby gone!?!?!?!

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