Thursday, March 13, 2008

An update...

...for Shannon! She is at work and is bored, so she said I needed to update my blog(which was true)! So here it pictures and stories. Sorry about being such a slacker, but I haven't even been cleaning much as I haven't been feeling well, but that should be getting better soon. Actually, today was great, it was a beautiful day and Noah played outside while I cleaned in the kitchen and had the door open. A friend told me that fresh air was good for the "morning sickness" and she was right! The little I had this morning faded away and I got lots done. The "morning" sickness has now converted to "evening" sickness for the day! As I say every day, "It is for a good cause!"

Noah loved the weather and had a blast playing in his sandbox!
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Ben & Michele said...

I'm so glad my fresh air tip was helpful Cynetta! I know it was a lifesaver when I had the dreaded "all day" sickness! We can't wait for thie nice weather to stay!