Saturday, March 15, 2008

On a roll...

I just love the little conversations that Noah and I have and this particular one will be an all time favorite.

I picked Noah up from Grandma & Grandpa's house one the night before his birthday and here is how the conversation went.

Mom: Tomorrow is your birthday! I am so excited! Now how old are you going to be?
Noah: The birdies told me I am 2 and then gonna be 3!
Mom: The birdies told you...
Noah: Yeah!
Mom: You are so silly!
Noah: Yeah, and the birdies are so silly!

We were making Noah's birthday cake after we got home and when I cracked the 1st egg into the cup a piece of eggshell fell in. Here is how that conversation went:

Mom: Uh-oh! I dropped a piece of eggshell in there.
Noah: Oh no! I don't like eggshell in mine cake.
Mom: No, nobody likes eggshell in their cake.
Noah: Only you like eggshell in yours cake!

After mixing the cake and taking a bath, we got Noah into his jammies and they have a giraffe on the shirt.

Mom: Do you think the giraffe is going to be 3 tomorrow too?
Noah: Yeah, and the zoo is going to get a big big birthday cake!!

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE his imagination?!?!!!?


The Vachas said...

That is cute! Great memories or kids create for us.

Ben & Michele said...

I love that Claire is starting to speak in sentences! It's so much fun to converse with her! Aren't they funny! It;'s amazing how their little minds work!

Your conversations with Noah are so sweet! I LOVE it!!