Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Sadly, we had hoped to be on a cruise for our 5th anniversary, but early pregnancy doesn't mix well with a ship on water...oooh, getting queasy thinking of it! Well, we are too excited about having another baby to stay sad too long, so we went out to eat instead(actually, that doesn't mix with early pregnancy either, but we managed!) Anyway, on March 1st (yeah, I am just a bit late...and THAT is because of early pregnancy) we celebrated our 5 year anniversary! Here are a couple of pictures that I made sure Shannon got when we dropped Noah off there. Joel and I are not photogenic so just enjoy the pictures anyway!

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Jon, Karen, Michael, & Katie said...

Happy anniversary! You guys looks so good- and I love your long layers, Cynetta! Very pretty!