Thursday, March 27, 2008

A MUST Share

I am just sitting here at the computer looking something up and Noah was playing with his cars when all the sudden he runs off saying, "DEpart from E-vil and DO gooood!!"

We have been working on verses with him that follow the alphabet, thanks to Ms. Ruthie, his Wednesday night teacher. So this was just too cute not to share!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Resurrection Sunday

We had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday with an early Communion Service, breakfast at church, and a Resurrection Service with lots of wonderful special music! We had a record 212 people at church on Sunday! What a great way to celebrate the death, burial, & most importantly the RESURRECTION of our LORD!!

I just had to post this cheesy goofy grin!! (Doesn't he remind you of Dennis the Mennis here?!?!)
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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Where is Widget??

Last night when I was ready for bed, I looked for Widget to put her in the bathroom for the night. I couldn't find her any of the places that she has been liking so far. I called her and then I thought about how she had come into Noah's room when we were reading stories, but I thought she had left. I opened the door and this is what I found...

She was only sitting up because I was calling her. There was a little circle of pressed down blanket where I'm pretty sure she had been curled up. I think she thought if she looked cute enough, I would let her stay there all night. Sorry kitty!

This kid isn't so bad when he is sleeping!!
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This is the latest love in Noah's life! Shannon's new kitten! Noah adores her and she is VERY tolerant! We are watching her this weekend while Tim and Shannon are out of town.

Isn't she adorable!

She was very curious of the camera!

See Shannon...Boston and Widget are getting along just long as Boston keeps a safe distance, she won't hiss or try to swat him!

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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Birthday!

Noah got to open one present before church on Sunday. It was a Thomas stickons thing that he can play with during church.

Lunch at Grandma's house! We had ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn on the cob. Noah ate at least 2 helpings of potatoes and ham, and a couple of ears of corn!! It was an amazing meal...thanks, Grandma!

Noah fell and smacked his head running to open presents. There were lots of tears, but they disappeared pretty quick when the presents came out!

And of course the birthday boy and his cake!
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The cheapest is always the favorite!

This make it yourself trumpet was Noah's favorite present! And probably the cheapest!

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And the Presents

That is Mickey Mouse ears off of the bubble bath!

He used it like a phone...

to call Grampa(across the room) and tell him what he was opening!

Larger than life!
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And the cake...

Noah had asked for a dinosaur cake a while ago, but the night before I asked him specifically what kind of dinosaur. He wanted a Spike Tail, and that is what he got!

Thanks to Aunt Brookie for that bag of giant candy corns that she left! They made perfect spikes!

Happy to be 3!!!
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

On a roll...

I just love the little conversations that Noah and I have and this particular one will be an all time favorite.

I picked Noah up from Grandma & Grandpa's house one the night before his birthday and here is how the conversation went.

Mom: Tomorrow is your birthday! I am so excited! Now how old are you going to be?
Noah: The birdies told me I am 2 and then gonna be 3!
Mom: The birdies told you...
Noah: Yeah!
Mom: You are so silly!
Noah: Yeah, and the birdies are so silly!

We were making Noah's birthday cake after we got home and when I cracked the 1st egg into the cup a piece of eggshell fell in. Here is how that conversation went:

Mom: Uh-oh! I dropped a piece of eggshell in there.
Noah: Oh no! I don't like eggshell in mine cake.
Mom: No, nobody likes eggshell in their cake.
Noah: Only you like eggshell in yours cake!

After mixing the cake and taking a bath, we got Noah into his jammies and they have a giraffe on the shirt.

Mom: Do you think the giraffe is going to be 3 tomorrow too?
Noah: Yeah, and the zoo is going to get a big big birthday cake!!

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE his imagination?!?!!!?

One Full Year

This picture was taken on Noah's first day of being TWO!

...and this picture was taken tonight on Noah's last day of being TWO!
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

An update...

...for Shannon! She is at work and is bored, so she said I needed to update my blog(which was true)! So here it pictures and stories. Sorry about being such a slacker, but I haven't even been cleaning much as I haven't been feeling well, but that should be getting better soon. Actually, today was great, it was a beautiful day and Noah played outside while I cleaned in the kitchen and had the door open. A friend told me that fresh air was good for the "morning sickness" and she was right! The little I had this morning faded away and I got lots done. The "morning" sickness has now converted to "evening" sickness for the day! As I say every day, "It is for a good cause!"

Noah loved the weather and had a blast playing in his sandbox!
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Making Applesauce

I found that our bag of apples were going to go bad soon, so Noah and I made applesauce out of them. It is so easy! We set up the apple peeler/corer/slicer (from Pampered Chef, of course) and made quick work of the apples, then put them in the crockpot with a little water, cinnamon, & nutmeg and a few hours later the house smells wonderful and homemade applesauce is ready to eat! YUMM!

I love the big CHEESE!

Thats the pile of peeling!
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Happy Anniversary to Us!

Sadly, we had hoped to be on a cruise for our 5th anniversary, but early pregnancy doesn't mix well with a ship on water...oooh, getting queasy thinking of it! Well, we are too excited about having another baby to stay sad too long, so we went out to eat instead(actually, that doesn't mix with early pregnancy either, but we managed!) Anyway, on March 1st (yeah, I am just a bit late...and THAT is because of early pregnancy) we celebrated our 5 year anniversary! Here are a couple of pictures that I made sure Shannon got when we dropped Noah off there. Joel and I are not photogenic so just enjoy the pictures anyway!

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Some friends of mine from work and I took our kids to Boonshoft to play since the weather has been so terrible. The kids had fun, but it wasn't exactly very good for the moms to visit with each other. We had fun chasing our kids from room to room though and seeing them have a great time!

Claire and Conner up front and Noah in the back.
I love how it looks like they are really driving down the road!

Landon went to jail!

Noah went shopping!

Arilyn and Noah work on the landfill problem!
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The Fun Stuff

Water Fun

Slide Fun

This is Conner and his mom, Kim, helped take Noah down the big slide since it made me very sick! Thanks Kim and Conner!

BIG Turtle Fun!
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