Friday, February 22, 2008

Bad Hair Day

So, the day started out like any other, Noah was just a little stinkery today...a little rambucitous and loud for a day that Daddy sleeps, but otherwise alright. He had lunch with Grandma and Grandpa, took a nap like a good boy...then came the naughty streak. I was on the phone, sitting on the couch, Noah had climbed up on the arm of the couch...I told him to get down and he did, what I didn't see was that he had gotten the scissors off the shelf. I went on talking and was leaning forward because he was behind me on the couch and then in an instant, I heard it...the sound of scissors cutting through hair. I jerked around and grabbed the back of my head, pulling clump after clump(it seemed like a LOT at the time). I simply(and VERY sternly told Noah to go to his room and stay there. After getting off the phone, and pulling what seemed like another HUGE clump of hair from the back of my head, I grabbed the wad of hair and went downstairs to Joel and said, "Your son is waiting for you in his room!" Okay, I will interject here that for anyone who missed it prior--I am PREGNANT(read Emotional)!!! I did not trust myself to be fair in the situation, so I passed it along! Well, it isn't as bad as it seemed (or looks, from the picture). I suspect ponytails will be a bit of a problem, but otherwise it will go unnoticed! So I guess this is the world of a 3 year old...when asked why he did it...he said "cuzzy I wanted you to have pink hair" (we saw a girl with VERY short pink hair on tv the other day and he told me he wanted my hair like that). He did feel really bad for making mommy sad, so we are hoping he learned the lesson! BTW, as a side note, interestingly enough his favorite books are currently Curious George!!
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So...on a lighter note...we got some snow for Noah and Daddy to go sledding in. Of course it was a Wednesday and they didn't have much time, but they had a short time of fun out in the snow before church!

Up the hill...

Push off...

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Play Date

Joshua had a play date at his house last week. I wasn't feeling the greatest so I only got pictures of the kids eating lunch!





Silas(I was feeling well enough to hold the baby of course!!)
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Sing Along

We were given a piano by some friends at church & Noah loves having it around. Of course neither Joel or I play...yet...but that will come with time! Aunt Brookie plays though and as soon as Noah heard the piano on this particular morning he was right there singing along! It was tooo cute!!

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These were taken SuperBowl Sunday when Daddy was supposed to be helping Mommy get ready for the party. He tried hard to get Noah to fall asleep before I found them, so he would get out of helping!!! And I wonder where Noah gets that stinker streak from!!

Those are some guilty faces!!
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Damage Control!!

Ok, I need to do a little damage control here and say that we are only about 6 weeks pregnant, due early October. And, no,we do not know that we are having a girl, but apparently Noah does!! Even tonight, we were discussing that IF the Baby IS a girl, her name will not be Lily--his other insisting! Well, I asked him if the Baby was a girl, could we name her Grace(that was the girl name we had with Noah), he didn't agree at first, then all the sudden started referring to the Baby as Grace. We asked him what we should name the Baby if it was a boy and he said, "Grace NOT a BOY!!" So, sorry for any confusion, but it is just so stinkin' cute how insistent he is that it IS a GIRL!! Only time will tell!! Thanks to all for the "Congrats!"

Monday, February 04, 2008

Let us pray!

Some pictures need no explanation other than this warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes(happy tears!)!!!
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Messy Faces!

We had sports night at church on Wednesday(thus the outfit)! I made mini cupcakes for the kids and forgot that the writing icing is sooo colorful!! All the kids had red and blue faces!

Noah managed to snag 2 cupcakes before I even realized what happened!

I love this face!
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The preschool at church had book fair last week and on Wednesday, Clifford came to visit the kids! Noah was super excited about seeing "Clipperd", but when he walked through the door and saw him, he was ready to leave! He did not want anything to do with Clifford!

Even after he knew that Clifford was just Tim, our intern Pastor, he still didn't want to sit with him. We got some great books from the Book Fair, check them out here: Tickle Monsters, ABC Sing Along, What's the Weather?, Me and My Dad. Noah loves his books and we helped a good cause...the more we spend on books, the more books the preschool gets to buy!
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