Monday, January 07, 2008

Sweet Katie Bug!

Our wonderful friends, Jon & Karen, came for a too short visit in December. We enjoyed the time we had, but as always wish we could spend MORE, MORE, MORE time with them. Joel & Jon met at college through work & dorm life. Karen was 1st my work pal and then became my tutor through nursing school(the only reason I made it, actually!) And we all worked in the Dining Common together!! We are a fun group if you couldn't tell!! Anywho, they now have 2 beautiful(well, I guess Michael should be handsome!) children. Noah is about 8 months older than Michael and they played together wondrously!! I wish Noah could have his buddy around all the time! (They are a good size match for wrestling!) Well, I was a bit taken with pictures of the kids so I somehow missed getting pictures of the parents! OOPS! Sorry guys!

Well, here is the sweetest, most adorable baby girl on the planet!!

Don't ya just want to squeeze her!

She thought her mom was bad about taking pictures! I only had a few hours to get in as many as possible!

Big George loved Baby Katie...Baby Katie was not impressed!

BTW, Karen, Noah keeps asking about Michael and Baby Katie ALL the time!!
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Jon, Karen, Michael, & Katie said...

We had SUCH a wonderful time, and miss you guys, too! I had completely forgotten about our fun Bio-organic Chemistry parties. And you didn't really need me to help you study- I think you just needed the encouragement to know that you were definitely smart enough to get through!

Ben & Michele said...

She really is adorable... such a little doll. I love her big smile. What a happy girl!!!