Monday, January 07, 2008

Like Fathers, Like Sons

I am guessing this is what will be happening when they go to college together as well! ;)

Where did they go?

There they are!!!
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Jon, Karen, Michael, & Katie said...

I LOVE these pictures! I know the boys had such a great time. Michael keeps asking me if it is Saturday, because before we came to visit, I told him we could see Noah on Saturday. I guess he thinks it should be our Saturday ritual to visit! On our way to church on Sunday, I said we were going to see our friends Landon and Mikaela. Michael asked, "Noah?!" Poor fella misses his friend!
By the way, in that last picture, I am amazed at how wide Michael can smile! He must get his big mouth from the paternal side...

Ben & Michele said...

Boys will always be boys! It's so funny to see the difference between boys and girls and it starts at such a young age! God really made us so different!!