Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A spoiled dog and a jealous boy

No, Boston is not spoiled at all!

What shall I watch today?

I understand that this is NOT a good picture, but this was all I got in an attempt to get a good picture. For some reason when I tell Boston to sit and then tell him he is a good boy, he wants to give me kisses!

Noah was jealous of all the pictures being taken of Boston, so he sat like I was telling Boston to do and said, "Take a picture of me!" Like I take so many pictures of poor Boston since this kid came along!
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Go Fish

We are teaching Noah to play Go Fish, but since he doesn't recognize his numbers as much as his letters, it makes an interesting game. We have had a lot of fun learning though!

Do you have an A(ce)?

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Eating snacks in front of the fire

On cold nights this is the place to sit and have a quick snack...right in front of the fire!

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What do you get at the bank?

A SUCKER, of course!!!
What were you thinking money or something?
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Daddy & Noah play!

Noah got this cool pop up crawl through tunnel for Christmas and we set it up in the hallway one night before Daddy went to work. I think that Daddy (and Mommy, too) are not size appropriate for this toy, but we had fun playing with Noah in it!

No he isn't stuck, but it was a tight fit!

Noah can go much faster than us through this tunnel, but Daddy still managed to get a tickle tackle in!

Did they have fun?

Did they have fun?

You be the judge!!
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Noah has a Hermie and Wormie Christmas video about a fruitcake, so he wanted to eat fruitcake. Being the cheapo that I am and knowing that he wouldn't like it, I waited until after Christmas to buy it for a dollar. So then I cut us a piece and we watched the video again. Well, here is how much he liked it...and I liked it even less. YUCK!

The fruitcake in the movie looks yummy though!!!
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Saturday, January 19, 2008

In the eyes of a child...

Out of the mouth of babes...specifically Noah! This was too cute not to share! Tonight we were getting ready for bed and Noah saw a picture of my niece from her Kindergarten graduation. Of course she had a cute little cap and gown on and Noah said with great surprise in his voice, "Her have a helicopter on hers head!!" Well, I think I would have been surprised to see someone with a helicopter on their head as well! I asked him what he was talking about and his excitement was so much that he had a hard time talking now, but he pointed to the picture(which btw has been there a while) and said again, "Her-Her have a helicopter on hers head!!!" I just started laughing, and I think the worst part is I didn't tell him any different! I just couldn't crush his excitement!! Anyway, hope you get a laugh and next time you go to a graduation maybe you will think of them all with helicopters on their heads!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mass Confusion

Okay, just a conglomeration of cool pictures from the phone!

I can't believe he took this with his phone! It is such a great picture of a very cool part of Creation!

I just thought this was cute...it's from way back in September...when it wasn't cold!

This is the only good picture that we got from The Enchanted Forest. This was so much fun and I can't wait until next October to take Noah again. It was a great little hike through the woods and there were "animals" like this bat telling them all about how they live and cool interesting facts about themselves! I loved it!

This picture was taken recently when we went out to eat. Noah had a fleece hat on and when we took it off, this is what his hair looked like!
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Christmas lighting ceremony

A couple more from Joel's phone...

I just love this one of him holding the candle!

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is the Christmas Eve Service at church. Emphasizing the true reason to celebrate and reminding us that Jesus is the Light of the world!
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Long lost pictures from the phone

We don't take the pictures off of Joel's camera phone very often, but over Christmas I misplaced the camera charger(bummer) for a while and didn't have battery power for some of the things. Now about a month late are some long lost pictures from the phone!

Getting a Christmas tree in the snow--can't get much more festive than that!

The Pennsylvania Welcome Center has this huge bear that was hit by a car a few years ago. Noah was a little scared of him, so I had to get there with him for the picture!
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Monday, January 07, 2008

Sweet Katie Bug!

Our wonderful friends, Jon & Karen, came for a too short visit in December. We enjoyed the time we had, but as always wish we could spend MORE, MORE, MORE time with them. Joel & Jon met at college through work & dorm life. Karen was 1st my work pal and then became my tutor through nursing school(the only reason I made it, actually!) And we all worked in the Dining Common together!! We are a fun group if you couldn't tell!! Anywho, they now have 2 beautiful(well, I guess Michael should be handsome!) children. Noah is about 8 months older than Michael and they played together wondrously!! I wish Noah could have his buddy around all the time! (They are a good size match for wrestling!) Well, I was a bit taken with pictures of the kids so I somehow missed getting pictures of the parents! OOPS! Sorry guys!

Well, here is the sweetest, most adorable baby girl on the planet!!

Don't ya just want to squeeze her!

She thought her mom was bad about taking pictures! I only had a few hours to get in as many as possible!

Big George loved Baby Katie...Baby Katie was not impressed!

BTW, Karen, Noah keeps asking about Michael and Baby Katie ALL the time!!
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Like Fathers, Like Sons

I am guessing this is what will be happening when they go to college together as well! ;)

Where did they go?

There they are!!!
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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Creation Museum

On Thursday, we(all 14 of us) went to the Creation Museum to check it out. It was AWESOME! It is so very cool to see all of the signs in creation that prove the CREATOR, GOD!

This statue was so beautiful! The picture doesn't do it justice! It says,"And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory..."

The cafe there has the best name!

Grandpa having a great time with the two littlest grandsons, Josh & Noah!
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