Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Christmas Present...Early! husband decided he couldn't wait any longer for his Christmas present and he wanted to give me yesterday, we exchanged air compressor for him and a DYSON for me!!! YEAH!! This is VERY exciting because I have not had a fuctioning vacuum cleaner for a few months now(yes, I have vacuumed in that time,but only thanks to borrowing Shannon and Ashley's vacuums). I had done my research and decided that a Dyson was the one I wanted, but since they aren't cheap, I hadn't gotten one yet, but now I do and I have used it twice already and I wasn't home all day today! I love it! Thank you wonderful husband~YOU are the BESTEST husband in the WHOLE WORLD!!!

See how clean my floor may not have noticed, but I have been very careful not to take pictures that show my floor lately.
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