Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chocolate milk & an update!

Okay, since I have been officially called a blog slacker by at least TWO of my friends(with friends like that, who needs enemies;), I decided to update my blog. In spite of the attempt to make December a stress free month, this month has not only flown by, but has thrown a couple curve balls at us as well. The month started with the death of my grandmother and most recent curve ball this week was the death of Joel's parent's dog, TAZ. We are hoping that the rest of the month lacks in the area of unexpected events. We look forward to spending Christmas with Joel's family(his Grandparents will be getting in Christmas Eve.) We hope that you enjoy looking at our pictures and hope that you are having a wonderful time preparing for Christmas! One last picture to share with the update:

In case you were wondering...this is how you make chocolate milk! How can you resist that face??!??!?!
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We are the Schramm family...currently made up of only two people, joined said...

you didn't tell me about Taz! Aww!

The Hofele Family said...

Finally! An update from you! LOL! I never thought that I would be caught up and you would be the slacker!!!