Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chocolate milk & an update!

Okay, since I have been officially called a blog slacker by at least TWO of my friends(with friends like that, who needs enemies;), I decided to update my blog. In spite of the attempt to make December a stress free month, this month has not only flown by, but has thrown a couple curve balls at us as well. The month started with the death of my grandmother and most recent curve ball this week was the death of Joel's parent's dog, TAZ. We are hoping that the rest of the month lacks in the area of unexpected events. We look forward to spending Christmas with Joel's family(his Grandparents will be getting in Christmas Eve.) We hope that you enjoy looking at our pictures and hope that you are having a wonderful time preparing for Christmas! One last picture to share with the update:

In case you were wondering...this is how you make chocolate milk! How can you resist that face??!??!?!
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My Christmas Present...Early! husband decided he couldn't wait any longer for his Christmas present and he wanted to give me yesterday, we exchanged air compressor for him and a DYSON for me!!! YEAH!! This is VERY exciting because I have not had a fuctioning vacuum cleaner for a few months now(yes, I have vacuumed in that time,but only thanks to borrowing Shannon and Ashley's vacuums). I had done my research and decided that a Dyson was the one I wanted, but since they aren't cheap, I hadn't gotten one yet, but now I do and I have used it twice already and I wasn't home all day today! I love it! Thank you wonderful husband~YOU are the BESTEST husband in the WHOLE WORLD!!!

See how clean my floor may not have noticed, but I have been very careful not to take pictures that show my floor lately.
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Joel's brother, Jes, and his wife, Jeri, and their kids(Kariece, Caleb,& Josh) flew in for Christmas on Monday. The kids wanted to go sledding before all the snow melted, so they came over on Tuesday. Here are a few of the pics...

Grampa and Josh


Josh and Noah giving Grampa a workout!!

Josh and Noah sliding down the hill on their bottoms!
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I love this cat!

I meant to post this as soon as I took it, but it didn't happen. Ducky went outside for a minute on Saturday when I let Boston out and of course immediately came back in but not before she was dusted in snow. It was pretty cute! She has been very fun lately, something about having a live tree in the house makes her a little more spunky! Then we put all these cool ornaments on the tree for her to bat at and play with. And if all that wasn't enough, I wrap presents and have ribbon out for her to roll around with and stuff. She was helping me wrap presents the other was so cute. Every time I cut a ribbon she would come running over and grab it and she made it really hard to tie bows! She is a cool cat!
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Flute Players

On Wednesday night, the kids had a gift exchange and Noah got these 2 plastic flutes. He gave one to Grampa and they were marching around playing them. It was too cute!!
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As I mentioned in a previous post, my Grandma died on December 6th. We made the difficult trip to Pennsylvania. The only good part was getting to see lots of family, but the most wonderful person was missing which made it really hard.

L to R: Cynetta(me), Cindy(my sister), Jessica(my niece), Mom(my mom)

Noah and Sami

Noah and Sami's Grandma (my Aunt Bev)
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Noah and Sami hit it off very quickly! They had a blast playing together. They are 2nd cousins, I think! Sami is 1 year younger than Noah.

For some reason they loved playing under the table...I bet their mommies played under their a long time ago!

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Snow BOYS!

This is from the 1st snow that we had. Noah was so excited this year! Last year, Noah was only excited because we were excited, but this year all I said was "Look out the window!" and he was like "(S)NOW!!(S)NOW!!" He couldn't wait for Daddy to take him out in the snow!

Daddy teaching Noah to make snowballs...

...and throw them.... MOMMY!!

Trying to get a picture of him by his snowman without getting pelted with snowballs!
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Thursday, December 13, 2007

In Loving Memory

May 25, 1922 - December 6, 2007
We said goodbye to my (Cynetta's) grandmother on Tuesday. This is one of my favorite pictures because it is the first time she met Noah, he was 3 months old. He will have many pages in his scrapbook and hear many stories of his Great Grandma. She truly was a GREAT Grandmother. Nobody could ask for a better one...We will miss her!
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