Thursday, November 01, 2007

Baby Costume Party

On Tuesday, Maranda, one of my friends from work had us over for the second annual baby costume party. It was great fun, even the chaotic attempt at a group picture!! I didn't get a good group picture, but I had to post this one because it was so funny. If you want to see a better group picture, check out the Cutting's, the Lehoty's, or the Vacha's blog.

L to R: Claire the CareBear(getting outta there), Eli as Roo (falling over because Claire is leaving), a not so happy Addison, Tessa the Giraffe (she really doesn't care what happens as long as she has her thumb) Landon as Mickey Mouse ( I believe he was getting ready to kiss Tessa), Anna the Flower Princess (protesting the chaos), Julia the Ladybug (happy with her book) & Jayda the OSU Cheerleader (ignoring the chaos with her binky)
These two were just too cute not to crop out the chaos!!
The pumpkins(Arilyn in back and Noah in front) wanted nothing to do with the photo shoot!

I did get some individual shots that came out pretty good. Sorry to those that I missed (Jayda, Ava, Carson, Arilyn)
A real life Care Bear! (Claire)

Roo(Eli) and his mommy(Tonya, not Kanga)

A very sweet Flower Princess (Anna)

A skeptical little Ladybug (Julia)

Last,but never the least in the mind of a child...MICKEY MOUSE (Landon)


Ben & Michele said...

You got great pictures!

Wasn't that a fun time?!?! The kids were so cute in their costumes. I'm so glad we have made that a tradition!

The Vachas said...

You took some Great pictures!!! I would love a copy of the Landon and Tessa picture.