Sunday, October 14, 2007


I came home from church today and found this when I went upstairs. (Noah stayed home because he has a really bad cough and fever and Daddy was nice enough to let me go to church besides he had work over 5 extra hours the past 2 nights and was really tired.)
I wasn't even sure there was a person in those blankets at first...and I think that is MY pillow...THIEF!
Doesn't he look adorable with his hands behind his head?!
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Ben & Michele said...

Sweet pictures of your guys relaxing!! You're nice to let Joel use your pillow. My pillow is off limits. I hope Noah is feeling better... poor guy!

The Vachas said...

Very sweet. Landon always sleeps with his hands behind his head too. I think it is so cute. I always think of Noah when I see Landon do it because of the napping picture you posted of him so long ago. I hope he is feeling better.