Friday, October 19, 2007


Bob the 'mato
I just had to post this little story...tonight, on the way home from Noah's Grandparents house I was singing songs to him, just made up songs and he was enjoying it and kept saying "You sing mommy" every time I stopped. So I ran out of made up songs (not really, I never run out of made up songs!!), and I sang the Veggie Tales theme song. Then I asked him if he would sing it with me and he said yes. So I started "If you like to talk to" from the back seat came "tomatoes", "If a squash can make you" "SMIIILE" "If you like to waltz with potatoes, up and down the" (this is where I really cracked up "pwoduce IIILE" I'm sure you know the rest of the song so after the first round of Veggie Taaaales, Noah piped up with "bwoccoli" right on time! I burst into laughter, but we still managed to finish the song with a "cowward geens" in there too! You probably had to be there, but I still wanted to share!


Jon, Karen, Michael, & Baby said...

I bet that was SOOOOOO cute! You will have to do it again and get a video for us (though not while driving!) I know Michael loves watching Noah videos, and still often asks for Noah.

The Vachas said...

We need to get Noah together with Connor and Landon for a trio, how cute!

The Vachas said...
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