Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Dreaded Costume

So last year the puppy costume sort of just happened and it was oh so cute! This year, however, was a struggle. First of all I thought how fun this year would be, Noah was old enough to tell me what he wanted to be so off we went to find a costume! What did Noah want? Nothing! Nothing to do with a costume of any kind!!! So I ended up just getting one thinking that once it was there, he would wear it. NOPE!! That is not how it works when you are TWO! He wanted nothing to do with this crazy pumpkin! He did try the hat on for me a couple of times. But even as we left and I took the costume with us, he said "No Mommy, I no want mine pumpkin" Yes, it is still his even if he wants nothing to do with it!

How I got him to wear it...25 cent candy! Thank goodness there will be plenty of candy at Trunk or Treat!!
He even gave me a smile, well, ok, I was holding his candy... hostage!
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The Vachas said...

Too funny, you have some great posts.