Saturday, October 06, 2007

Been a while...

I am so anxious to post all the fun we've been having...another zoo trip, a trip to PA, and lots of fun pictures and videos. However, when our computer crashed our printer is no longer installed and the CD is MIA & I can't work a download to save my life! Anyway, that's my story, but I did want to share some "cutable quotes"

  • When I tuck Noah in I say, "Snug as a bug in a rug" as I move down his sides. He always asks me to do it again and when I say "You do it", he takes his hands down his sides and says "Snug-a-bug-a-rug". It is so cute!!
  • I was going to work the other day and he was going to Grandma's so when we got to Grandma's house he said, "You going to work, Mommy?" I said yes, to which he replied with a finger shake, "Okay, but this the last time, Mommy." Talk about heartbreaking!! I thought I might have to call in right then!!
  • Today we had a church garage sale and I went and picked up the lunch for the ladies who were working. I ordered a diet coke and Noah said, "Me no want diet" "Me never want diet!!"
  • He gets scared when I start to let the bath water down and says "Me NOT go down the drain."
  • This one melts my heart...tonight as we said prayers, I said "Thank you for Jesus" to which he said "thank you the died on the cwoss"
He is growing so big and learning so much so fast! I just can't believe he wears a 3T now and 7 1/2 shoes. It is just so amazing how fast it goes by. It really is like you blink and they are walking, blink again and they are talking...maybe I should just stop blinking....


Jon, Karen, Michael, & Baby said...

Awe! Looking forward to new pictures! Michael is in 2T clothes (though pants are long on his stubby legs) and size 8 shoes! They grow up WAY too fast! Can't wait to see you guys in a few months!

The Vachas said...

How cute! Noah really is growing up so fast. Where has your baby gone?