Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pumkin Patch--Takes 1 & 2

What a difference a year makes! Not usually used in the context that I am about to use it in, but still applies! Last year we went to the pumpkin patch many times and each time was quite the adventure with an 18 month old. He loved to sit on the pumpkins, loved to pick up the pumpkins (well at least try)! This year was quite the opposite with a 2 1/2 year old! Did he love the pumpkin patch? Oh yeah! Did he have as much fun as last year? No doubt! What's the problem? What he loved so much this year was running through the pumpkins, which is very cute, but does NOT make for good pictures, well, unless you like a blue jean and white blur on an orange background!! I don't think he was still for more than a couple seconds! He loved running the aisles of pumpkins and wanted nothing to do with picking up these big pumpkins. After all, they were "too heavy" and "too big" for a 2 year old, besides that would require stopping for a moment! Oh, well, they will still go in the scrapbook and we still had fun! Maybe the leaf pictures will be better!

This was probably the longest he was still!!
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Last years pumpkin pics

Here are just 4 of the many wonderful pictures from last year!

Look how little he was! Sometimes I forget how much he has grown!

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Little Farmers

Don't they look like a couple of little old farmers out there!

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Pumpkin Pile

Note the different expression in each picture!

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Punkins on Punkins!

The 3 little punkins...they did not think this was as good of an idea as their moms thought...obviously!

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How do you get 3 toddlers to look at the camera at the same time?

We don't know...that's why we are asking!

L to R: Noah, Timmy, Joshua

Noah and Timmy are sharing a joke...I don't think Joshua got it!
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The Dreaded Costume

So last year the puppy costume sort of just happened and it was oh so cute! This year, however, was a struggle. First of all I thought how fun this year would be, Noah was old enough to tell me what he wanted to be so off we went to find a costume! What did Noah want? Nothing! Nothing to do with a costume of any kind!!! So I ended up just getting one thinking that once it was there, he would wear it. NOPE!! That is not how it works when you are TWO! He wanted nothing to do with this crazy pumpkin! He did try the hat on for me a couple of times. But even as we left and I took the costume with us, he said "No Mommy, I no want mine pumpkin" Yes, it is still his even if he wants nothing to do with it!

How I got him to wear it...25 cent candy! Thank goodness there will be plenty of candy at Trunk or Treat!!
He even gave me a smile, well, ok, I was holding his candy... hostage!
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Rothschild Berry Farm

On Wednesday, we were able to spend the afternoon with Joel's Grandparents. We planned for Youngs, but it was much too chilly to be outside playing Putt Putt. We opted for the indoor experience at Rothschild Berry Farm. It is a beautiful place with a quaint little cafe and was just a great afternoon with family.

Here we all are after enjoying an amazing lunch! You really should try it sometime!
Daddy and Noah with pretzels in their mouth. Rothschild is known for their many flavored dips, dressings, jams, and other seasonings. My favorites were the Roasted Red Pepper Dip (Noah's favorite too) and the Hot Peach and Apple Chutney. There were so many thing to try, it was so much fun...and so yummy!
Noah trying to get Daddy's pretzel!
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Feeding the Goats

One of our favorite things about Youngs is feeding the goats. Well, we were fortunate that Rothschild Farms have goats too and if you can believe it they are as friendly and maybe cuter than the ones at Youngs!
Isn't he precious!

Goodbye Goats!
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Cheering Uncle Justin

Last Saturday we went to Uncle Justin's last Cross Country meet to cheer him on to another PR. Unfortunately, due to a cold or sinus infection along with the cool air and wind, he was quite disappointed with his time. It seemed that everyone was a little disappointed with their time. It's okay, we love Uncle Justin anyway and were there cheering for him all 3.1 miles of the race!
Gramma Gert and Grampa Floyd came all the way from Alaska to attend one of his meets.
The Team!
Noah's favorite place!
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy Birthday!

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Boston turned 4 today!! We love you puppy! It's been a great 4 years!

Gamma Gert

Knock Knock!!

Noah and Gramma Gert in Gramma & Grampa's BornFree.
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Generation Gap

This is Noah's Great Grandpa Seekins. Noah is a very blessed little boy that he gets to play with his Great Grandpa this way!

Uncle Justin and Grandpa Floyd trying to "take a nap." Noah would not be still for more than 10 seconds!
Noah got the pillows for everyone, but still couldn't lay still or stop talking!
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