Friday, September 21, 2007


Beware of Noah! Due to the actions of his father, a certain little boy thinks that wrestling is the greatest fun time on the planet! He now tries to "take you down" when he hugs you and says "Got to WRESTLE!" We have to have talks when we play with other kids that wrestling is only for Noah to do with Daddy, Mommy, or Boston!

Noah loves to hide like this and when I can't "find" him, I say, "Is Noah hiding under the couch?"
To which he promptly replies, "No, I hiding under Daddy!" It has to be the cutest thing ever and I really want to get it on video.

Where's Noah?
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Ben & Michele said...

So cute! I love to see that interaction between a little boy and his daddy! Looks like Boston enjoys getting in on the action too!

The Vachas said...

I love this story, how cute is that. I also love that little kids always tell where they are hiding you you ask.