Friday, September 21, 2007

Fwaddle Me

Before putting Noah to bed the other day, I got his Cars comforter out of the clean laundry (he had asked for it the night before, when it was dirty). I asked him did he want me to swaddle him like the babies at work and he said yes, so I did! Here is the result:

A very LARGE Baby Burrito!

He kept saying,"Takin' good care of me, Mommy?" When we took the blanket off, he said, "Fwaddle me, Mommy, fwaddle me!"
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Ben & Michele said...

I love it! He look so funny in his huge swaddle. Believe it or not, I still swaddle Claire at night although she breaks free pretty quickly. I think it is just a security thing for her. She'll be Noah's age and I'll still be swaddling her!!!