Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lost Contact Info

Joel lost all his contact information from his email in the crash so if you could be so kind to send him an email, he would appreciate it very much!!! Thanks!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Fwaddle Me

Before putting Noah to bed the other day, I got his Cars comforter out of the clean laundry (he had asked for it the night before, when it was dirty). I asked him did he want me to swaddle him like the babies at work and he said yes, so I did! Here is the result:

A very LARGE Baby Burrito!

He kept saying,"Takin' good care of me, Mommy?" When we took the blanket off, he said, "Fwaddle me, Mommy, fwaddle me!"
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Beware of Noah! Due to the actions of his father, a certain little boy thinks that wrestling is the greatest fun time on the planet! He now tries to "take you down" when he hugs you and says "Got to WRESTLE!" We have to have talks when we play with other kids that wrestling is only for Noah to do with Daddy, Mommy, or Boston!

Noah loves to hide like this and when I can't "find" him, I say, "Is Noah hiding under the couch?"
To which he promptly replies, "No, I hiding under Daddy!" It has to be the cutest thing ever and I really want to get it on video.

Where's Noah?
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The cutest boys around...

I hadn't seen this picture yet, but this was from Shannon too. She watched both Joshua and Noah one day for Ashley and I. I bet she didn't feel too much like having kids after that day!!

Ashley and I always say we have the cutest boys ever...and that is not up for debate!!!
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Fixing his hair

Shannon watches Noah all the time and these are some pics that she gave me from when she watched him. I thought they were hilarious and just had to share them!

I guess he just went in their room and turned on the hair dryer and "dried" his hair!

Notice the expression...he is bracing himself for the force!

What!?!?! You don't like it this way?
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A BIG Accomplishment (for Mommy)

The BIG slide at the Tipp Park has always been something that Noah wants to go on, but being the scaredy cat that I am I have not let him until I was outnumbered. Tim, Shannon, Joel, Noah and I went to the park last week. They all convinced me to let him go down it, so with 4 spotters, I agreed!

The slide is like 10 feet tall and no sides!

Yeah, he loved it and went back about 5 times or so!
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Oh! So Big!

I know that i just posted a "so big" post but these pictures that Shannon took of him at the park the other day make me realize that he is growing up so fast. It is bittersweet for sure! We are having so much fun watching him grow and talk and play...we would never trade it for anything, but I want to make sure I enjoy every moment to the fullest because..."they don't stay little for long"

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Monday, September 10, 2007

"I buildin' Mommy, I buildin'"

"Buildin'" "Bangin" "Makin' Noise"

Just a few of the things Noah says when he picks up the hammer. Joel gave him a hammer of his own and some boards to hammer. He had a lot of fun, but I think that he might think he had more to do with building the pantry than he really did. Oh, well, he's cute! This picture shows exactly how excited he is to work like Daddy~
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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I couldn't believe how big he looked in these pictures! He is getting so grown up!

My Little GAP Baby! All GAP from head to toe!
(I promise I am not a snob--I just like cute clothes!Besides it is probably all eBay!)
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Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Pantry!

My wonderful husband is building me a pantry! If you have ever been in my kitchen, you realize exactly what that means to me! I am so excited because my counters will no longer be cluttered and I will have so much room to put stuff. Shelf paper tomorrow!Then organize organize organize!!!! Yea!!!!

Check out my custom stoneware rack! A perfect fit for a new Pampered Chef Consultant!! Joel did this in all by himself in his own head!! I am so proud of him! He has put a lot of time into the planning and building to make sure it is just right!Thank you BABE! Love ya!
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Green Thumb?

Okay, so not quite a green thumb, but I don't have a black thumb anymore!!! In order to understand this post you should probably know that prior to this year everything I have tried to grow has died (in other words, I killed it!) I even killed the cactuses that we had when we moved to this house. I know that is really sad, but look how far I've come. The front portion of the flower beds is all vincas, behind that is lily bulbs that have shoots up, but most of them won't bloom til next year. I have 3 pots of impatiens and 2 pots of vincas and impatiens mixed. I have 2 ferns (that were half dead when I got them and I resuscitated them!) and finally int he center hanging is a geranium that I absolutely love (thanks to my secret sister if you read this!) I am pretty proud of my front porch and gardens!!

Impatiens--one of my favorite garden flowers!
Isn't my geranium beautiful!! It is just bursting with blooms right now!!
These are the pots that Noah and I painted back in the spring. We had Joshua and Ashley come over an we painted clay pots. It was a fun day, but keeping the boys out of the paint was a full time job so we didn't manage any pictures!
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The potted ones...

Vincas and Impatiens

Vincas and Impatiens
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