Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Must See!!

My friend Shannon got a really nice camera and has been working with and took some awesome shots of Noah at the park the other day. Check them out on her blog!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


I was telling Ashley what a bad mother I was last night because I let Noah watch a video two times in a row (granted the video was Bible Songs) Anyway, I just thought I would let everyone see exactly why I couldn't refuse letting him watch it again (& again). This is currently our favorite video and it is awesome! He has learned the songs better watching the video than with us singing them. I am definitely looking for more Cedarmont Kids music videos.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Little Techie

Okay, I went downstairs to get water this morning and came back up to this!! What a goofball! Talking on the phone and typing at the computer! (BTW, please don't look at the disaster that is the desk!
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Another trip to the ZOO!!

This week Noah and I got to meet a friend of mine from nursing school at the Columbus Zoo. Sheryl and her daughter, Christine, actually live in Port Orchard, Washington, but were visiting her family here in Ohio. The zoo was a great meeting place, the kids had fun and (it was free!) We didn't get to stay too long as both kids were very tired and letting it be known in their attitude (I should have guessed when he fussed the whole drive there) Noah still wonders when we are going to see "Kisstene" again. It was so great to see an old friend and catch up! Thanks Christine and Sheryl for a great day!

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Bird Display

A Vulture!! Can you believe I took a picture of a vulture???
It was sitting like this the entire time we watched it, almost looked fake!

The owls were pretty, but kept turning their faces away.
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Zoo Babies!!

Okay, so we all know that I am a sucker for babies, human or animal, so here are some of the zoo babies we saw this trip!

This baby monkey was actually a month old! Isn't he still so tiny!
The baby flamingos have grown quite a bit!
They are still so cute!!
And so fuzzy looking!
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Group Picture Attempt

Sorry it is blurry, but it is the only one we are all looking at the camera!
Christine & Noah in the Safari Jeep

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Julia's Party

My friend, Katie, from work had a little party for her little girl Julia who turned ONE this week. Noah & I took Timmy with us so that his mommy & daddy could unpack and move in. Timmy's Dad, Tim, will be our associate intern pastor for about 6 months or so.

This is Katie with Julia and Timmy is standing in front. Timmy decided that he really liked Katie and crawled right in her lap several times, sometimes making Julia a little jealous, it is HER mommy after all!!
Noah "helping" Julia open a present.
Julia & Timmy
Anna & Elise playing with the coveted toy. Timmy edging his way in to get a turn!
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Party Fun!

Landon (Noah & Anna in background)
The favorite toy!! Noah (on the table) from left to right: Anna, Elise, Timmy
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BIG BIG Cheese!

This is what Noah looked like after I got done watering my flowers a couple weeks ago. He loves to put his head under the hose or stand under the hanging baskets and ends up drenched. This particular day, I actually had some fun spraying him after I finished. I would spray the water out and he would run through it like a sprinkler! So fun!!

The title of this post is related to Noah's latest saying. Everything is not just "big", but "BIG,BIG!"
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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Little Model

My little model with his hair all spiked up!

And here are some of his latest antics:

"Thank you for helping, Mommy!" in response to anything I do for him.
"Where mine cell phone?" yeah, we can tell what generation he is!!
"Cawefull" anytime he goes up or down the stairs or anything that is "dangerous"
"I busy, Mama, I busy!" random statement while playing.
"I fikin, I fikin the blocks..." anytime I ask him what he is doing in the currently half-built pantry
"I pilled, Mama, I pilled" anytime he spills or drips.
"Wun, Wun, Shawp tooth, Wun" (this is usually yelled)from Land before Time.
"Too" used in front of "far""little""heavy" or any other word that meets his needs.
He is "too wittle" to go down to go down/up the stairs (if he wants carried) He is "too heavy" for Daddy to carry if he wants Mommy to carry him. It is "too far" to go to his room, the kitchen, the living room, etc. to get whatever it is that he wants.
"I nuggle in Mommy's bed, tease?" every night at bed time.
"Heel""Kennel""Go in dere""Come""Good Boy, Boss, Good Boy" commands given to Boston, daily.
Today, I started singing Jesus loves me and he followed up with "for the Bible tells me so."
He likes to sing "March in the Impantry" & "God is Big...Strong...Mighty...FOR YOU!"
This morning on our walk "That bewd (bird) yelling" "Bewd scawed me"
"Siwwy Mommy" heard a lot during the day!
Last night (Joel works nights again) Noah woke up and I put him in bed with me (shh! don't tell) and he almost started to cry when he saw Daddy's empty pillow and said "Daddy fall, Mommy, Daddy fall" I assured him that Daddy was at work, but he still put Daddy's pillow right where it should be and said "Yeave Daddy's piddow right dere, Mommy."

Answers to the Question: What does ______ say?
Grandma: "cooks, Gammaw cooks"
Grandpa: "wrrrrr"
Noah: "I wowk on pwaaanes!"

I really wish that I could think of some more, but I can't.
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The Duck Cake!

Well, I did it!! I made a 3D duck and put it into a tub of "water, bubbles,etc". I didn't love the duck, but Ashley did and that's what matters. I also made Joshua his own little cake too! I loved making these cakes and can't wait to make more theme cakes!
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Loving that cake!!

Just the beginning...
MMM!I think I finally got some cake!
I think he is going to try out for the Blue Man Group!
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The baby pools

Noah & Joshua hit the pools right away...Isabella was content to watch...she did eventually venture out to touch the water (after the stinky boys were out!)
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A few of the kids...

A few of the kids at the party having fun!
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Blue icing

Apparently, blue icing is better than any other icing. Noah has never been much of a cake eater, but he ate 2 pieces and even licked the plate clean. I'm pretty sure it was only because it was blue!
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