Sunday, June 24, 2007

1000 words are not worth a picture...

So a picture is worth a thousand words, but I don't think it applies in reverse. However, you will be getting a thousand words here since our camera is MIA. I have missed some Kodak moments that I really wanted to share. On Saturday morning I took Noah running with me (okay, so it really doesn't qualify as running for me) but it was the cutest thing ever and I really wish I had my camera. He started out running, arms flailing, like a 2 year old...then he noticed mommy wasn't running that way, but with arms he made little fists and pulled his arms up and ran, saying "Wun, wun, wun" then he would stop and say "I walk now" then he would "wun, wun, wun" then "I walk now" It was tooo cute!! Anyway, I just really wish there was a picture to prove how cute he was.

Noah told Grandma tonight "Don't lay in Gampa's grass"
Yesterday, I had a CD on in the car and Noah started singing "You are good, You are good" right along with the CD.
He continues to love "sinodaws" (Land before Time I-IX).

He is just the cutest little guy and we just think he is so much fun! I have said that almost every age he has been is my favorite, but I really think this one is it. Two isn't so terrible after all, it's actually pretty terrific!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Noah & Joshua--Ball pit!!

Joshua's Grandparents bought this cool ball pit and were nice enough to invite Noah over to play in it with his little buddy. Click below to watch the video & notice how resilient Joshua is! So cute! (I was told the video is taking a long time to load or isn't working so here is a link to watch it on the site.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Mission Impossible:ALASKA!

On Monday, May 21st, we set off to Columbus airport bright and early. Our final destination for the trip--Alaska!!! Our flight from Columbus to Las Vegas went great, but upon arriving in Vegas we found that we would not make the flight from Vegas to Anchorage. Not too big a deal, we are standby nonrevenue after we headed to Phoenix to make the flight that evening from there. No such luck!! They were so overbooked that paying passengers didn't even get on. It was looking grim...overbooked flights, only one flight a day out of every other day from Vegas...bad odds!! Joel checked out some passes on other airlines while I got a hotel for the night. Joel discovered that Alaska Airlines had 20 flights every day going to Anchorage from Seattle...and we could get passes for only $35/person!! Noah woke up at like 5am the next morning so we headed out to catch an early flight to the first flight out without any problem. Once in Seattle we found out that all the flights that day were sold out and overbooked and we were 76 and 77 on the standby list!! So we sat at about a dozen different gates just hoping for a chance to make it on a, not a chance....we assumed that with 20 flights of approximately 150 seats going to Anchorage, we should be able to get 2 little seats! Nope!! After waiting until 9pm since 6am, we packed off to another hotel. We decided that if anyone was going to miss a flight it would be at 6am. At 4:30 Wednesday morning we headed back to the Seattle airport to catch the 6am flight, but no, people going to AK don't miss their flights. At this point we gave up on AK Airlines and flew back to Vegas to try with our own US Airways where we were #'s 1 & 2 on the stanby list. Seattle to Vegas was delayed so the flight from Vegas to Anchorage took off before we made it there. Upon arriving in Vegas, we discovered that all Phoenix flights were oversold!!! The Phoenix to Anchorage flight for that night actually had 2 open seats at this point!! We MUST get to Phoenix!!! Oh, the prayers that were prayed!!!! Out of the blue, a Phoenix flight was delayed and people had to be rerouted to get to their final destination...30 seats opened up and we got on the flight!! Praise God!!! When we got to Phoenix, we found that one of the 2 available seats had been sold=(...then the lovely gate agent told us that a passenger would misconnect and not make this flight=)...THEN maintenance called and said they would be on the plane for an hour...there goes that misconnect=(...they announce a gate change...we got a new aircraft...the new gate agent didn't have a clue...I prayed so hard...the ups and downs were very draining...they called our name...Joel went to the counter and returned with not 1, not 2, but 3 tickets!!! 3 seats!!!! Can you believe it??!!! God is so good!!!! We thought we wouldn't even get 2 and we got 3!!!! The only true explanation is that God is good! God made the impossible happen!!!! MISSION POSSIBLE: ALASKA!!!

The Fun One

Yeah, so the first flight was fun...then there were 5 more...then it becomes not so fun anymore!
He listened to music for a little bit!
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Not sure where I belong...

We were very thankful for the times Noah slept on the airplanes.
He was sleeping holding on to the claim ticket that was on his seat. You can't read it, but it says "return to passenger at PHX"
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Ending Day 2

Finally, a healthy meal!
Noah and I shared this wonderful spaghetti (aren't those the coolest utensils) so that we would be ready for our 3rd and final day of travel.
Poor Daddy didn't get anything to eat until late because he was busy trying to figure out how to reroute us! He's so wonderful!
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Thank God for the little things!

Thankfully, the Seattle airport where we spent 1 whole day had a play area that Noah could run around in.

Thankfully, Noah did not get sick from using the same sippy cup for 3 days since it was only ever washed out with handsoap in the bathroom! YUCK!
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It's bad enough...

A sleepy boy after 4 flights and STILL not there!
C'mon's bad enough that we have been in the airport 3 you have to take pictures?
...can't escape the camera...
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Fun with Daddy!

Noah got to ride a 3 wheeler with Daddy the very 1st day we were there.
He is pure boy!
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3 Wheelin'

"Don't worry Noah, I'll get this thing going."
Maybe if I lean forward...
"I guess we aren't going anywhere..." "Mom, this 3 wheeler is pink...isn't that a girl color"
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Hey Charley!

Check out who we let drive your truck!Eyes on the road, Buddy!
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Friday, June 15, 2007

Our Excuse

Well, here you have it. Charley & Jess are our excuse for going to Alaska! What more could we ask for!?!?! Charley is Joel's good friend from WAY back in the old days of fish camp. They have many great stories of commercial fishing in AK together. Charley & I counseled at a camp together in 2002...we were actually Sockeye & Koala to the campers! Charley was then a groomsman in our wedding in 2003. Unfortunately, due to wedding details we didn't get much time to get to know Jessica, but from what we did see, she is a great girl with a sweet spirit and will make a great wife for Charley! Congrats to both of you on finding wonderful people and may God richly bless you in your new life together.
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What a difference 2 years makes!

This was the 1st time Grandma & Grandpa Seekins ever saw Noah, their 7th great grandchild. Noah was 10 days old.
And this is the second time they saw 2 years old!

These pictures and memories will forever be in our hearts and minds!
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Rehearsal Dinner

Sylvia enjoyed the ribs as did everyone...
I think her shirt, face, & fingers enjoyed them as well!
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Leave it to Noah...

This is a bear skin rug that they had in the room where Noah and I got ready for the wedding.
Noah was very intrigued.
Leave it to Noah to pick the bear's nose!
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The Groom

His sister getting him ready.

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Noah's Suit

I wanted to get a really good picture of him in his suit,but he wasn't cooperating.
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