Thursday, May 03, 2007

Noah-isms Part II

Noah has really become quite the copycat lately. He is so cute saying everything we say and communicating with us so well now. He is a very fun little boy, full of energy. I wanted to make sure and get some of the things that he has been saying on here before I forget. I will attempt to get them as phonetically close to what he says as possible which is extremely hard for me as I am a spelling fanatic!

Fave "frases":
Mama/Dada "wayw auw you?" He says this in the morning when he is ready to get out of his room. I just love the way he says this--it is so cute!

"Wayw jowj (George) go?" or any other toy or person he is looking for.

"ta doo" has finally made it's way to "thank you" at least it is close enough.

"Oh wheee! Oh wheee!" This is all we hear if we see a slide!

Some other cute things he says:

At meal time, he makes sure that we know which plate is "Noah's" "Mama's" & "Dada's".

"Sinodaw gow dawk" is Glow in the dark dinosaurs which he loves!

"Tim" "Sannon" our friends that we see often. We actually had breakfast with them on Wednesday morning and Tim had to leave to go to the doctor while we were there. Noah, of course, had to ask a billion times "Wayw Tim go?" We told him that Tim went to the doctor and as of a few minutes ago when I put him to bed he still thinks Tim is at the "dokew" (doctor).

We took Joel supper at work tonight and Noah said "Dada suppew." Basically, in case you haven't figured it out by now, he doesn't say "r" very well.

When we have the phone, he wants to "tak"

I am merely skimming the surface of what he says in one day. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the mind of a 2 year old and into our little world here in the Seekins house. We enjoy every new word and phrase so much. Really, it is hard not to since he is so darn cute!


michelle said...

so much to look forward to! thanks for posting so much. it's inspiring. we're lucky if we post once a week. :)

Ben & Michele said...

Ohhh, how fun Cynetta! I bet you are just eating him up right now! What a fun, fun age!

kendall harris said...

That is cute. Kendall has become quite the little talker. We really have to watch what we say now b/c she repeats EVERYTHING.