Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Family Trip

Okay, sorry about the backwards blogging today. I am working on little sleep (I strongly dislike night shift). These pictures are from Monday when we took a little bike ride and stopped at this little stream to let Noah play. He enjoyed it immensely! We actually went back Tuesday and Joel took him back today. Now before you tell me how wonderful Joel is (which he is) let me tell you that Joel enjoys playing in the "wocks" and "watew" as much as Noah! And today they added "tix" (sticks)! We are definitely loving the weather!
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Ben & Michele said...

How great to get out as a family and enjoy the beautiful surroundings God created for us! Isn't nature awesome? I think it is wonderful to expose children as early as possible to the outdoors. Kids spend WAY too much time in front of the TV or video games. Go out and ride your bike or take a walk. That's why kids are so overweight! Back when I was a kid... just kidding!!! :-)