Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just like you...

Notice how everyone's hands are the same. Noah sat down and looked at Grandma and Grandpa and then folded his hands just like them.
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Having Fun Hanging Out

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Noah and Unk

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Progression of Sleep State

Here we are wide awake, getting "Unk's" ears.
A little later, having a hard time keeping those eyes open, but still not asleep.
Oh, so sleeeeepy!
And down for the count! He's out!
Justin kept asking if Noah was asleep yet and we would say almost and Noah would open his eyes again. All at once as I was about to say "He's asleep", Justin felt him go totally limp and said "he's out"! It was so funny how it hit him!
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Photo Shoot

I took Noah outside on Sunday to get pictures of his adorable outfit and as you can see we had a lot of fun. The first two he posed for me and then he thought it was fun to run away from me and I got some really cute smiles. He is such a little ham!
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Bubbles Bubbles EVERYWHERE!!

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Whose couch is it anyway?

Okay, we have been rearranging the rooms in our house and a couple weeks ago I walked into the new family room to find this.
This is Boston's combination of "if I don't look at her, she can't make me get down" and "but Ducky's doing it too." Boston finds it necessary to "explain" everything, if he could talk he would be the one saying "...but, but, but" You know the kind! Ducky on the other hand is the bold one. Ducky would say "I don't really care what you say, I am doing it anyway." While I don't care if they lay on the furniture, I do care about Ducky being on the counter, stove, or table. She will randomly get on each of these and waits until you are just outside of arms reach to jump and run. She is never remorseful. I guess it's true...opposites attract!
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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Visiting Friends aka Vacation

Alright, I have edited this post enough. Enjoy the pics and the explanations and good luck figuring out what goes where!

Okay, so I am a self-proclaimed blog slacker, but I will attempt to catch everyone up on what we have been up to. On Friday the 13th we flew to Washington D.C to visit college friends Jon & Karen Blakemore and their adorable son, Michael. The boys (both little and big) had a blast playing together and we enjoyed our visit immensely. I forgot my camera so the pictures we have are from Joel's camera phone or from Grand Theft:Blog.

We rode the metro to meet Jon and Karen and drop off our luggage. We then rode to the zoo on the metro. Here are Noah and George enjoying the train ride!
Where's Noah?
There he is!

Okay, funny story...while we were waiting for Jon and Karen to park, Joel and I took Noah and Michael up to the mezzanine to wait and purchase tickets. There were a few people up there and I was just looking around and talking to Joel when all of the sudden this person talking caught my eye. I turned back to Joel and said "That can't be...Heather Silver..." to which she looked up. It was! One of my very best friends in college, Heather Silver, who by the way lives in Greenville, SC was there in D.C. at exactly the same time also visiting friends from college! How ironic! To add to the irony, she actually left me a message saying she would be in D.C. I didn't hear where she said she would in the message, but didn't think it was important! It was just so crazy! I still can't believe it actually happened so perfectly, just a God thing!

On Friday we rode the metro to the National Zoo and enjoyed the afternoon there. The boys loved the animals and it was fun watching them get so excited.

Noah wouldn't take a nap all day, so he fell asleep--sound asleep on the walk to the zoo. We let him sleep about 30 minutes, but woke him up since I wasn't about to let him miss the zoo!

The elephant is by far one of Noah's favorites as he can make elephant noises.

This elephant is a bit weight conscious(must be female), after eating a little, it walked onto the scale. Official scale reading: 9,226 pounds!

Meerkats are the funniest creatures! They have such adorable personalities. I think they should use them in advertising--they are so funny! This one was posing for pictures--he literally turned to each person with a camera and posed in turn.
This gorilla was interesting, she made sure that everyone was looking at her, then really paid no attention to the people.

Just for fun!

Yes , they enjoyed being held up by their toes!

Apparently, Michael learned to take his shirt off while we were there. We turned around and it was off. Kind of looks like a little redneck with no shirt and a monster truck!
For the entertainment of us girls, Karen threw skittles to the boys while I snapped pictures.
That was a long shot!

Copycat Copycat

Noah & Michael loved sitting in this chair together and "rocka rocka rocka"
The boys loved copycatting, racing, and of course fighting over the same toy!
It was quite fun watching them copycat each other. I think we all got more entertainment from it than they did. Once Noah even fell down on purpose because Michael fell down on accident.
They really became buddies very quickly! They actually resemble each other in some ways which is pretty funny because Jon and Joel were always asked if they were brothers in college. Maybe someday their sons will be asked the same thing!
More copycatting