Monday, March 26, 2007

Ice Cream Cones

This is a very cute post about a wonderful father and his adorable son eating ice cream! Aren't they precious!?!?
Hold it like this, Dada? (this picture was really cute except I haven't figured out how to use Joel's new camera phone and Joel's face was in motion!)
Do you think he looks like his daddy now?
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Blogger Buddies

Hi to all my blogger buddies! You must check out this link. It lets you subscribe to all the blogs and see with one click if anybody posted new stuff. You can't do comments from it, but it is nice if you just have time to check real quick!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Outside Play

Noah on his new tricycle!
Rilie trying to help Noah ride his new tricycle!
Rilie took Noah over to where they could watch the train go by.
Noah waved at the train when we took a bike ride one day and they blew the horn for him so he was trying to get them to do it again, but we are 5 blocks from the train.
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The Essence of TWO

I think the picture speaks for itself!
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Cute: Random

Daddy watching Spot with Noah in his bed.
I thought this was a cute picture, but the colors were distracting. Now I think it is perfect!
Joshua is getting so big! We watched him Friday & Saturday while his Mommy & Daddy were moving.
He finally went to sleep and slept for a while! Poor little guy just wouldn't take a good nap with all the commotion of moving.
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Monday, March 19, 2007

Bedtime Story

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The many faces of Noah


Prove it!
Innocent until proven guilty.

I know I'm cute.
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Random Acts of Wierdness

Can you see that his nose is completely plugged? He has to relax his face every so often to breathe! What a weirdo!!!
He is eating wheat germ. Yes, that is right, plain old wheat germ. No, he wouldn't eat a hot dog for supper at Grandma & Grandpa's house, but he will eat wheat germ by the spoonful!
I asked him if it was good and he said "mmmMM"!
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Saturday, March 17, 2007


I just saw on the news tonight that there is a pet food recall. This website has all the brands and which types are involved in the recall. This is very important--some pets have already died of renal failure! Again, that website is

Birthday Breakfast!

We made muffins! Can you guess what kind?!
What is it?!
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Making Cake

Can you tell what it is?
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The Cake

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Why am I in this chair when I could be playing?
What is this?
Yeah, good job singing!
One shot! (we practiced)
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The Mess

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