Monday, January 01, 2007

Noah & Michael--Buddies!

Michael says, "Did you know our dads went to college together?"
Noah says, " Yeah, so did our moms!"
We will be good for one picture and no more!
HEY! We said only ONE!
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Jon & Karen Blakemore said...

Michael says "Do you like my six pack?! I hear the chicks dig it, so I keep my shirt up just a little."

Noah says, "Dude, cover your belly. It it more of a 2 liter than a 6 pack!"

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mom and Dad went to college together and I remember plenty of dorm room talks about "The Beast and the Blakemore." So, Joel, if I were to call and say it was Karen, do you think you could tell our voices apart yet:) ~Darla Roue
Noah is adorable!