Monday, January 22, 2007

New Toys

Noah got some new toys to play with in the kitchen while mommy cooks. He absolutely loves them and plays with them for quite a while. I definitely reccommend both of these toys. They are the Fridge Farm and the Fridge Phonics. I got both sets on ebay for $16. Can't beat that!
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The SC Elwarts said...

You know that your officially a mom when, out of the blue, you start singing that annoying song and it won't stop.

Ben & Michele said...

I have been thinking about buying the Leap Frog fridge phonics. I'm glad to hear Noah likes them! It helps me make my decision!!

The Seekins said...

Susan, I know what you mean! Apparantly, Noah's favorite letter is "W" so I constantly have W says wu, w says wu, every letter makes a sound, w says wu. Yeah, I just typed that from memory! I guess I pass the officially mom test!