Monday, January 22, 2007

Gone Fishin'

Ducky has discovered the fishbowl since I relocated it from the living room to the kitchen. She has taken great interest and is becoming braver and braver. The first time I caught her, Noah actually told on her. He was sitting in his highchair pointing and saying "OOOHH!! Duck-y! OOOOH!" This particular time she was simply drinking the water, but we have caught her with her paw in there before. Mogie, the fish, is pretty smart and goes to the very bottom as soon as anything comes near the top of the water. I think we need to move the fishbowl again, what do you think?
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Ben & Michele said...

Yes... I definitely think the fish bowl needs to be moved! Poor fishy, he is probably wondering what in the world is going on. That must be scary for the little guy to see a big cat coming at you!