Monday, January 29, 2007

Nap Time Fiasco

Noah wanted Boston to get in his bed with him at nap time. I obliged, but it turned out to be a fiasco. All they did was played in there--imagine that! I know you are thinking "How dumb is she?", but I seriously thought it might work. Boston loves to be in our bed, but wouldn't lay down in Noah's bed. When I heard Noah laughing and Boston's playful bark, I went in there to see Noah holding Boston in a headlock! That was when I realized that this wasn't going to work. Oh, well, it made for some cute pics!
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Hey Boss! I'll show you where they hide the treats later!
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Hugs for my best bud!

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Party in my Crib

Smile, Boss, it will make them wonder what we're up to!
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Fetal Position

Apparently, he was reminiscing of days gone by!
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Friday, January 26, 2007

RIP--Mr. Mogadore Fish

Last night when Joel came home from work we noticed that Mogie had a bloated belly and was unable to stay down in the water, he just kept floating back up to the top and was kind of gasping. Well, Joel had read that if you feed them a pea when they are bloated it works as a laxative. Indeed it was true--I checked it out on the internet. I tried it, but this morning he was still bloated and not gasping anymore. Mr. Mogadore fish is gone from us forever. I know that he was just a fish, but I am going to miss him. I would always give him his food and tap the glass and he would come swimming up to the top. He would always come up to the top while I was doing dishes and stuff too. I know, it sounds silly...but I will miss him.
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Just a few of the things Noah has said lately that I think are very cute!
  • Yesterday morning we got more snow through the night, so when Noah and I got up and went downstairs, we looked out the window and I said, "Look, Noah, there's more snow!" So while I was getting his breakfast ready, he was running around the house yelling, "Mo No! Mow No!" (interpretation--more snow! more snow!) It was very cute!
  • Today I was getting him washed off after lunch and Joel had already left for work. Noah stood up in his highchair and in the most serious voice said, "Mama, where is my Dada?" I promise you it was plain as day! The only thing that I can think of is that when I need Joel to do something and he isn't around I say to Noah "Where is your Daddy?"
  • "amma" is Grandma
  • "unk" is Uncle Justin
  • "Boss" is Boston
  • "Duck-y" is well Ducky
  • "baf" is bath
  • "Oh yeah" & "OH Wow" are two commonly heard phrases
  • "osh" is shoe
  • Car, ball-ball, car dare---we hear these constantly while he is playing
  • "Dat's mine" a phrase that we think must be inborn, because we have no idea where he learned it from

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Potty Times

The following is the 1st edition of Potty Times.

I bought this potty chair for Noah a while ago just to get him used to the idea. He loved to sit on it, carry it around, etc. for months. Then one day he decided that anytime Mommy went potty, he should too (well, at least sit on it). Last week during one of his many sittings on the potty, he actually went pee pee. Of course we made a big deal about it and all. So 2 nights ago on my way to work I get a phone call. It was Daddy calling to say that Noah went poo poo on the potty. He told Daddy "Stinky" and Daddy said " Go sit on the potty" and he did! Of course he made a big deal about that too. Now we are far from actually being potty trained, but we have high hopes that it will happen much sooner than expected! No pushing though, we definitely don't want to turn him off to the whole thing. For now it is just a fun thing to sit on the potty.

A few video clips for your enjoyment

Joel must torture the dog every year when we get snow by taking him on the sled. This is short, but very funny!

Noah thought sledding was pretty fun! Daddy thought Noah could go down by himself, but Mommy would have none of that yet!

Noah & Daddy have a fun game that they play! You can see it here.

Monday, January 22, 2007


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Our snowman is a bit pitiful, but the snow was uncooperative and I had to get it done so we could take pics and go inside. Noah just wanted to knock it over anyway!
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Boston loves Snow!

I'm not sure what it is about the snow, but Boston loves it! He loves to dig in it and he will shove his nose into it rooting around as though looking for something if you point and say "what's that" He is so fun in the snow!
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Snow Much Fun!

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Snow Buddies!

Both boys loved the snow and had a blast having snowball fights!
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New Toys

Noah got some new toys to play with in the kitchen while mommy cooks. He absolutely loves them and plays with them for quite a while. I definitely reccommend both of these toys. They are the Fridge Farm and the Fridge Phonics. I got both sets on ebay for $16. Can't beat that!
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When I grow up, I wanna be a CAT!

We have always wondered if Boston is part cat by the way he plays with his own toys, but I think this confirms it! He loves to play with Ducky's mice that she got for Christmas. However, those cheap little things are meant to withstand a 6-lb. cat not a 60-lb. dog!
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Gone Fishin'

Ducky has discovered the fishbowl since I relocated it from the living room to the kitchen. She has taken great interest and is becoming braver and braver. The first time I caught her, Noah actually told on her. He was sitting in his highchair pointing and saying "OOOHH!! Duck-y! OOOOH!" This particular time she was simply drinking the water, but we have caught her with her paw in there before. Mogie, the fish, is pretty smart and goes to the very bottom as soon as anything comes near the top of the water. I think we need to move the fishbowl again, what do you think?
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Mommy Time

Noah and Mommy colored and made a cake on Friday night! It was a fun night for both of us! I love spending time with my little boy!
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