Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My Sunday Morning

Sundays for me are crazy! Joel leaves at 8:50 to practice guitar before Sunday School. That means that I have to get myself ready as well as get Noah ready and be at Sunday School by 9:30. Any other day of the week I could be somewhere by 9:30, but on Sundays I think that the devil whispers in Noah's ear. Every Sunday Noah is a terror. He runs away when I try to get him dressed or he goes in the dog's kennel in his church clothes and won't come out. He is literally a holy terror on Sunday mornings! Well, this Sunday was no exception, he got out a bag of Doritos and dumped them on the floor, got out a box of animal crackers and sat on it and proceeded to eat the Doritos off the floor. What did I do? Ran for the camera! Couldn't miss this one!
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Ben & Michele said...

The devil works in mysterious ways, too! That is so funny Cynetta!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the innocent look on his face. And you have to give him points for creativity in finding his own seat.

On Sundays, I wait until the LAST possible moment to get Michael up and quickly dress him and wisk him out the door. We eat at church, because it is much easier, but we also are there for both services, so I do the nursery during the early one. YET, every week, it seems like we can't get out the door on time.

The Vachas said...

What a good Mommy,get the cute pictures for the blog first.