Thursday, December 07, 2006

Binky Free!

As the state of Ohio goes smoke free, Noah Seekins goes binky free! Now on night 3 of no binky we are definitely feeling the withdrawal! Night 1 went a little something like this...
Noah: "Bbbpp"
Mommy: "They are all gone. Lay down and go Night Night"
Noah:"Bbbpp Bbbpp"
Mommy: "They are all gone. Lay down and go Night Night"
Repeat about 3 more times. Noah then laid down and went Night Night. He never cried, but I was pretty close to tears. He was pitiful, he just sat there and asked for it, never cried, just asked. I almost caved the second time he asked for it!
Night 2 was Daddy's turn and was uneventful I was told.
Tonight, Night 3, was full of tears and lots of cuddling and holding and singing, but we made it!
If anybody has suggestions, I am definitely open to them.
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Ben & Michele said...

I'm with you Cynetta. I am a bad mom and let Claire sleep with me until last week, so we are in the process of getting her to sleep in her crib. I feel awful! I know she is thinking "where am I?", "This is a big, cold, lonely bed they put me in", "My mommy abondoned me", and so on and so on! She screamed and I mean screamed for a whole hour the first night. Slowly it's getting better, but it breaks my heart. I hope Noah does better tonight without his binky!

Anonymous said...

Awe! Noah, your mommy is such a meanie! I bet she makes you eat vegetables and take baths, too!

Mike and Brittney said...

Hmmm...I am in denial about how I am going to have to deal with this some day soon as well! Glad it is going well for you guys!

The Vachas said...

Hang in there Noah. You will make it. Better now than at 4 yrs old, ask Aleia.

kendall harris said...

Well I quit smoking about 5 years ago and I still want one every now and then. Let Noah know the craving will go away in 5 minutes. At least you can take it away, I would have to cut Kendall's hand off to get rid of her "pacifier" Good Luck!!! If you break down and need one there is still one you left at my house :)