Tuesday, November 07, 2006

For all of you entering toddlerhood...

This post is for those of you about to celebrate your babies 1st year and enter the toddler years! It's a fun ride! Here is my list of things you must have, nice to have, & don't bother!

This Baby Bjorn Soft Bib is amazing! It nearly eliminates food in their lap, even yogurt and applesauce! Don't bother with the Bibbity Rinse & Roll. They are ok, but the pocket collapses much easier, so yogurt and applesauce make it stick to itself.

Noah's favorite one right now!

Baby Einstein 21 DVD Set is so wonderful. These videos are not flashy like many of the cartoons out there. Plus, they are educational & the music is pleasant to listen to. I linked you to ebay because it is the best place for them. I got Noah's set for $42, which is only $2/dvd. You can pay that used!

Baby Bjorn Step Stool is great for helping toddlers get to the sink to brush their teeth. Noah loves to stand up on this at the sink when we brush our teeth. Bonus, it is cute and doesn't detract from your bathroom decor. It has rubber grips on the bottom and the top.

Okay, so these are a nice to have, but let me explain. I only bought these because I thought they were cute and they were on clearance, but they have been wonderful! They are so easy to put on and Noah loves them! I am currently looking for a bigger pair, because sadly, Noah has grown out of his "baboots"


Jon & Karen Blakemore said...

Okay, I know you didn't use it for this post, but how in the world do you get picasa to post more than one pic per post?!?! I have been trying to figure it out, and just assumed it was not possible (at least that is what the "help" menu said!) So... enlighten me, oh smarter one!!

Ben & Michele said...

Thanks for the mommy tips... I love to hear what has worked for others. It saves me time & money!!