Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Caught Red Handed-NO-Caught Sticky Pawed!

We have an uninvited house guest--a mouse! We call it the stupid mouse, but since we still have not caught it, I think it is more appropriately the genius mouse. Well, Boston thinks he is a cat or something and has been trying very hard to catch the mouse. He has a great nose, but he is all legs and just not quite able to fit in the small spaces that the mouse fits. Well, he tried very hard to fit under the hutch, but all he came out with was a sticky trap. It was hilarious!! He was running all over the wood floor with this thing smacking. He was shaking his paw trying to get it off and he even thought he was a bad dog inspite of us laughing at him. Better luck next time, Boss~
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Jon & Karen Blakemore said...

Yuck! I hate mice!

The Vachas said...

Very Funny, Keep trying Boston, maybe you can catch it before Ducky does. Wait a second...are you trying to get your Mommy and Daddy to get rid of Ducky by doing her job for her? Bad Dog!:)

The Seekins said...

Actually, Deanna, I think that Ducky made a deal with Boston that if he catches the mouse, he gets to eat her food when we are gone. (That is a regular occurrence.)