Friday, October 27, 2006

Little Sicky

Noah has had a cough for a couple days, but yesterday when he got up from his nap he did not feel good at all and was clingy and fussy. So last night after dinner I laid down on the floor to play with him and he came over and laid down beside me and fell asleep at 7:00!
Daddy carried Noah to bed and he slept until about 8pm. Then he went back to bed about 9:30. Poor little tired boy! Posted by Picasa

My Adorable Little Puppy

I didn't get any pictures until he had gotten into the water fountain so some of his face paint had come off by this point. I will take more on Halloween and hopefully he will cooperate a little better. Posted by Picasa

A Puppy, A Princess, & A Cowgirl

Three of the 6 babies born within one year at church.
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What a difference a year makes

Trunk or treat 2005
Noah & Kayla were both skunks
Trunk or treat 2006
A puppy and a princess!
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Trunk or Treat?

Some of the kids and kids at heart in costume!
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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Little Marshmallow

We tried out the new winter coat and hat on Monday when we went to Charleston Falls. It is a little big, but he looked so cute in it. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Caught Red Handed-NO-Caught Sticky Pawed!

We have an uninvited house guest--a mouse! We call it the stupid mouse, but since we still have not caught it, I think it is more appropriately the genius mouse. Well, Boston thinks he is a cat or something and has been trying very hard to catch the mouse. He has a great nose, but he is all legs and just not quite able to fit in the small spaces that the mouse fits. Well, he tried very hard to fit under the hutch, but all he came out with was a sticky trap. It was hilarious!! He was running all over the wood floor with this thing smacking. He was shaking his paw trying to get it off and he even thought he was a bad dog inspite of us laughing at him. Better luck next time, Boss~
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Monday, October 23, 2006

Footie Jammies

This post is for Karen. I know how much you like them in footie jammies. I'm not much for characters on clothes, but I think that these Spiderman jammies are adorable on him.
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Little Man

All decked out for church!
Check it out, even the black dress shoes!
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Ready for Takeoff!

Last day with Grandma
The way we fly...quite the contraption, eh!?
C'mon give me the camera, Mom!
Straps secure, ready for takeoff!
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More Fun with Em

Noah wanted to sit WITH Emileigh no matter which chair she sat in. I have decided that all of you who say that Noah needs a little brother or sister are wrong, what he needs is an OLDER sister or brother! Posted by Picasa

Noah & Emileigh

It was so cute to see Noah with Emileigh. Emileigh was born 1 month after my high school graduation and I stayed with Deanna until I went to college and helped take care of Em those 1st 3 months. She truly was my first baby, I miss not getting to see her grow up now. It was just neat to see Noah having so much fun with her.  Posted by Picasa

A New Friend

When I got back to my parents, we went to see my best friend from high school and her little girl, Emileigh. Noah loved Emileigh almost immediately. Fionna, Deanna's newest bird, a macaw
Still hiding
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