Thursday, September 14, 2006

Baby Einstein-ian

This is so funny! Just now I had a video in for Noah to watch, he wasn't particularly interested but was watching it a little bit. He brought me his cup and said "Jush" so we went to get him some more milk. He of course was at the fridge before I had even put the laptop down. I switched the video to Baby Shakespeare (his fave) on my way to the kitchen. While I was pouring his milk he heard the intro music to Baby Einstein videos and no joke RAN to his rocking horse saying "Hawse Hawse!" It was so cute!

Disclaimer: I have a splitting headache, which is why I am letting him sit and watch videos all evening! I do not let him watch videos 24/7 normally, I promise!

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Jon & Karen Blakemore said...

Sure.... we know that the TV is your alternative to good parenting. :-)

BTW, Michael is sick, and what a BEAR he is! He does nothing but whine and cuddle all day and night. I need some sleep!!!!!!!