Saturday, September 30, 2006

Cutest little boy ever!

Okay, I could be a little bias, probably not though, but is he the cutest 18 month old boy you've ever seen or what!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Reasons We DO Have Pets

"Hold still Boss, I need to make sure your foot is healed."
Hugs for Boston!
I love this dog!
Boston: Pretend you don't like this, pretend you don't like this...
Noah: "Good Dog"
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Monday, September 18, 2006

Welcome, Elizabeth!

Our new friend Elizabeth Brooks C. was born to Court & Rebekah C. on Sunday. We just celebrated her big sister,Katherine's, 4th birthday on Tuesday. Elizabeth weighed in at a mere 5lbs. 13oz. She has a head full of black hair an is too cute for words! BTW, to those of you who are getting any ideas on Noah needing a sibling, the answer is NO!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Happy 18 months, Little Buddy!

In "celebration" of Noah's 18 month birthday, we took a trip to Young's Dairy for A Wool Gathering.
It was fun, but the best part was the goats that you can feed and that love to be petted. They even tried to eat my shirt when we had the picture taken and one of them nibbled on Noah's hair. He had a cute little goat lick instead of his normal cowlicks. ;-) It was a great day with my not so little guy!

Parental Warning!!

Why you are supposed to make sure the string on the blinds is up and out of reach!

One stinkin' little cutie pie...

"Show Mommy how you stick out your tongue"

I love you!

say cheese!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

A New Look!



A Big Boy Now!

Noah has made the switch to a big boy bed! He decided that the crib was way too confining! For 3 days he barely slept because he hated the crib. So I took the front panel off and he LOVES it! He waves to me when I leave his room at night! It is like a completely different child than those 3 days--whoo! Boston isn't sure he is supposed to be on the bed!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Baby Einstein-ian

This is so funny! Just now I had a video in for Noah to watch, he wasn't particularly interested but was watching it a little bit. He brought me his cup and said "Jush" so we went to get him some more milk. He of course was at the fridge before I had even put the laptop down. I switched the video to Baby Shakespeare (his fave) on my way to the kitchen. While I was pouring his milk he heard the intro music to Baby Einstein videos and no joke RAN to his rocking horse saying "Hawse Hawse!" It was so cute!

Disclaimer: I have a splitting headache, which is why I am letting him sit and watch videos all evening! I do not let him watch videos 24/7 normally, I promise!

At the Park...with Dad

Mommy had to work the day after we came home so Daddy took Noah to the park! Noah had a blast of course! He has mastered the playground equipment! He feels he is ready to take on the big slides and merry-go-round!

LDMV: Going home

Those boys looking at airplanes again!

LDMV: The Bug!

Where did it go?

Uh-Oh! There it is again!

LDMV: Labor Day!

Just being Noah!

Trying so hard to be like Grandpa!

Grandma & Grandpa Crate came to Greenville on Monday just to see Noah!
What a lucky little fellow!

LDMV: Sweetheart

Thanks for supper, Heather!

Noah had fun playing piano on Sunday when he stayed with Heather & Matt while Mommy & Daddy went on a date!

LDMV: Picnic at Reedy River

We had a wonderful picnic Saturday night at Reedy River Falls Park!

Just in case there was any doubt...Noah is proving by crawling and rolling in the wet grass, that he is pure 100% boy!

LDMV: Fun w/ Friends

"How was that again, Joel!?"
Saturday, we played games after the girls went garage saling in the morning!

We had a great time Friday just singing, talking, and listening to the boys play guitar!

Labor Day Mini Vacation: Power Nap 2

The boys needed a nap after all that activity!

Our Labor Day Mini Vacation: Toddler energy

Noah's power nap gave him lots of energy once we arrived at the Silvers!