Thursday, December 28, 2006

Showing my muscles

Okay, this is the 4th time I have tried to post this picture and blogger has not put it through. I gave up on some of the others, but I love this one of him showing his muscles!
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Playing with the toys

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Little stinker

I tried to steal a Christmas kiss, but he would have nothing to do with it.

We hope you enjoy the Christmas pictures!
(I must say I am a little disappointed in the new blogger as I had to post over half of these 2 times. So if they seem out of order that is why!)
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Better use crayons next time...

While we played games the day after Christmas, Noah got to color--a little on paper, mostly on himself. Fortunately, they were washable and came right off with a little soap and water!
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Taz's bone

Taz was very protective of his bone, but his was gone by the next day!
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At Grandma/Grandpa's house

Slippers from Gramma Gert and Grampa Floyd!

Sit and Spin (the talking kind) from Gramma/Grampa!
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Grampa & Noah being goofy

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Ducky's present

Ducky got mice and a feather toy!
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Check out the jammies

These adorable red jammies even have a "trap door" in the back!
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Boston's bone

Please hurry and get the plastic off!
The bone is still in his kennel not even chewed on. He will keep it for a few weeks as a treasure, then he will take a week to chew it up!
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He is going to work with his Mr. Potatohead
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Car There

What is this?

A car?

Car There!
2 of them!
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Help me Grandpa

Noah needed a little help at first!
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Boston's present

Boston carried that ball around on Christmas eve without ever ripping open the paper. On Christmas morning I gave it to him and told him to open it and he immediately started ripping the paper off with his teeth. Is he amazing or what?

Give me the ball Justin!
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